Friday, January 29, 2016

How to Modify Kawasaki Vulcan S Exhaust Sound

Having a Kawasaki Vulcan S, you may have known about Kawasaki Vulcan S exhaust sound. For you who don’t have Kawasaki Vulcan S or want to buy this motorcycle, you will be known about it now.

But, you must make sure that every sound of exhaust is different with other and all is depend on your comfort. What is the best sound of exhaust? Everybody will have different answer. Here you will know the reason of it.

Strong Sound of Exhaust, is it needed?

As an automotive lover, you must know well about characteristic of every exhaust. There is exhaust which has low and smooth sound, but also there is exhaust which has strong and loud sound.

What should you choose? For Kawasaki Vulcan S, loud and strong sound is very needed to reveal its identity.
Kawasaki Vulcan S ABS

Kawasaki Vulcan S has big and strong design, so the sound which is very suitable with it is strong and loud sound. It also will make you very satisfied and also proud to have Kawasaki Vulcan s.  In the fact, according to many reviewer, Kawasaki Vulcan S has the strong sound but little low.

Kawasaki Vulcan S Exhaust Sound

The reviewer told that Kawasaki Vulcan S exhaust sound is like Kawasaki ER6, the characteristic of motorcycle with 2 cylinder with crankshaft angel 180. The sound is loud but also smooth enough, but it will be useful for you who want to have a motorcycle that can’t disturb many people or making sound pollution.

But if you won’t to have the smooth sound and want to have stronger sound of your Kawasaki Vulcan S exhaust, here the tips for you;
  • Use the slip on exhaust. You can choose termognoni carbon which is compatible with ER-6n because the racing exhaust for Kawasaki Vulcan is difficult to be found. Using the exhaust which is compatible with ER-6n is done because Kawasaki Vulcan S has similarities with Kawasaki ER-6n.
  •  If there is no change, you can add the supply of fuel. Set the piggyback in order to make gasoline supply can be manipulated by ECU. Piggyback Dynojet PCV is set while doing reset air fuel ratio (AFR) in order that suitable with engine need. You can try to set it like this; the bottom rpm 13,5:1, center 13,2:1 and top 12,9:1 to make the bottom power to center more maximal.
Please note: You have to read the kawasaki vulcan manual first to do any modification to avoid problem of the functions.
Just doing those steps, you can make sure that the step will be successful. The reviewer has tried to test it in top of dynamometer dynojet 2501. The result is, the power was up to 1 dk, and torsion also up to 1 Nm.

It was seen from the climax of graphic power was 53.39 NM on rpm 7.700 and torsion 55,39b Nm on rpm 5.300, the bottom power is faster that standard.

From the graphic, it was seen there is no significant improvement of power and torsion climax, but linear is higher in every engine rotation. So, these steps will be successful in improving your exhaust sound.

Video: Example Kawasaki Vulcan S Exhaust Sound Modified

Those are the tips you can use for improving Kawasaki Vulcan S exhaust sound. You can use the tips to get the best exhaust sound as your need. Finally, I hope this article about tips to modify Kawasaki Vulcan S exhaust sound will be helpful for you.

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